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Website Hosting Services

Website design needs are diverse, so WebSoft Development therefore offers a complete range of services, including a choice of website hosting packages to support your website as well as domain name registration for customers who don't yet have a domain name, or a 'www.' address.

What is Web Hosting?

For the entire world to be able to see your website, you need web hosting. It acts as a platform on which your website functions and without it, your business website or ecommerce site can't be part of the World Wide Web. There is a range of packages available and we can advise you on the best one to suit your particular website design and application.

What is a Domain Name?

This is your website address: your 'www.' It can be anything from your business name to a description of your services. WebSoft Development is experienced in obtaining the most effective domain names and can assist you in attaining a suitable address to use as part of your website design. We can advise on names that work and names that don't, as well as names that will do well in the search engines - part of our website optimization service.

Any domain registered will be in your name and you will be known as the Official Registrant.

The Benefits of Hosting your Website with WebSoft Development

WebSoft Development owns fast, custom built, web hosting servers that are situated in highly secure data centres with multiple high speed connections to the rest of the world.

This has helped us to become one of the fastest Kenya hosting providers. Our secure data centres also feature backup power supplies in the event of power disruption as well as temperature and humidity control.

Our servers availability (reliability) is above 99.9% and runs the Linux operating system giving us the reliability and stability required to host the most demanding websites and applications.